Club Efemeer originated in 2017 as a collaboration between visual artists Maarten Vanermen and Arnaud De Wolf during their residency at Cas-co in Leuven (Belgium). They created a temporary club for the closing party of the open studios. This installation, which consisted only of light, broke all conventions both scenographically and aesthetically. Since then, they have been creating scenographies for and inspired by the night and, subsequently, autonomous installations. Club Efemeer’s work is at the crossroads of high tech and low tech, of analog and digital; it connects visual art with scenography, the human and sensory with technology and science.

In addition to their individual and collective practice, Maarten is curator of visual arts at Pilar House for Art & Science, of the Free University of Brussels and Arnaud conducts research into the scenographic and dramaturgical aspects of club culture.

Selected projects

2023  Beyond the Black Box, installation. De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2022  Stiltemuseum, installation. De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2022  Club Huis, performative live installation. Het Huis, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2022  Close to Home, scenography and light design. Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium
2021–2022  Not Your Techno, scenography, light design and party. Various locations: Decoratelier, Recyclart, Reset, Brussels, Belgium
2021  How great it is to meet again after such a time, installation. Stelplaats, Leuven, Belgium
2020–2021  Lux 1190, installations. Brussels, Belgium
2020  Fluid identity, scenography and light installation. Pilar, Brussels, Belgium
2020  Uit het donker, installation. De Warande, De Hoge Rielen, Kasterlee, Belgium
2019  (Un)holy light, installation. Sint-Michielskerk, Leuven, Belgium
2019  Unighted, nachtplan, concept, light installation and party. Leuven, Belgium
2018  Horst, Arts and Music Festival, installation. Horst, Belgium
2018  Open Studios, light installation and party. Cas-co, Leuven, Belgium
2018  STUK eindfeest, scenography and light installation. STUK, Leuven, Belgium
2018  &and festival, installation. MaakLeerPlek, Leuven, Belgium
2017  150 jaar schouwburg, light installation and party. Stadsschouwburg, Leuven, Belgium
2017  Open Studios, light installation and party. Cas-co, Leuven, Belgium