1. Eve, 2018. Horst, Arts and Music Festival

The in situ light installation created by Club Efemeer for the Horst Festival comes to life at night above one of the lakes of the site. This installation behaves like a mirror looking back in time reproducing the colours and gradients of the sky present at daytime.

The medieval castle and its surroundings have a deep-seated romantic character which it sheds after sunset. The night and the music transform the site into a greedy space. Club Efemeer’s installation re-establishes the relation with the romantic environment by transposing the atmospheric hues into an abstract, minimalist light sculpture.

This everyday natural phenomena — the setting of the sun and the ensuing changes of colour of the sky — is captured, interpreted, delayed and framed. The installation, devoid of its original context, hovers between object and event.

The work is not independent from its constituent elements nor is it permanent. Like a color swatch, the light floats above the lake, only visible when the smoke interferes with the light plane. The installation evolves continuously as time progresses.