6. Fireflies or meteorites, 2018–2023

In our busy life, we often don’t pay attention to our surroundings. Especially the ecosystem we’re living in is somehow hidden or blurred in our urban environments. The installation reflects both on our lack of attention and the many species we share our habitat with.

The installation which has to be experienced in the vicinity of water (a river, brook, creek or pond,…) is activated at dusk. The installation consists of only two components: a laser and the insects present at this location. A laser light draws an invisible dynamic grid in the air above the water, while the insects just follow their routines. When an insect crosses the grid, the light is reflected towards the viewers. Depending on the flight trajectory of the insect, it is perceived as a very short flash of light, or, if the insect travels along the grid, as a longer path.

As a viewer, you might not notice this effect at first, you might not even realise this installation exists. But as you keep on watching for a longer time, and the darker it gets, the more frequently these flashes seem to occur. Like gazing at the stars or the void of space and seeing the short streak of light created by a meteorite.